MSN Muscle Matrix

Available Flavour: Chocolate Vanila
Available Size: 1kg , 2.5kg

Serving Size: 3 level Scoops (approx 100gm.) | Serving per container: 25 | Scoop 30gm.
Amount per 100gm.
Calories 348 kcl. Vitamin B12 5 mcg.
Total Fat 1 gm. Sodium 150 mcg.
Total Carbohydrate (with sugar) 47 gm. Potassium 170 mg.
Protein 40 gm. (80%) Selenium 60 mcg.
Creatine Monohydrate 5 gm. Iodine 100 mcg.
L-Glutamine 3 gm. Folic Acid 2 mg.
Taurine 2 gm. Zinc 3 mg.
Fiber 1.2 gm. Niacinamide 30 mg.
Vitamin A 5000 I.U. Calcium 600 mg.
Vitamin C 50 mg. Phosphorus 400 mg.
Vitamin E 10 mg. Iron 15 mg.
Vitamin D3 400 I.U. Magnesium 10 mg.
Vitamin B1 5 mg. Copper 3mg.
Vitamin B2 3 mg. Chromium 75mcg.
Vitamin B6 5 mg.
Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Malto Dextrine, Vitamins, Minerals, Class-ll Preservatives & Antioxidants. Natural Color & Flavored Use.

Close the container tightly after each use. Store in a cool & dry place. For Best Result Consume within 30 days after opening the lid.

MSN MUSCLE MATRIX is a top quality preparation accelerating muscle mass building and it can be used by any athlete interested in increasing muscle mass.

The most advanced MSN MUSCLE MATRIX is the set of the best available muscle & energy components constitutes the ideal basis for increasing mass with very fast metabolism. MSN MUSCLE MATRIX is a scientifically selected set of nutrients containing carbohydrates in optimum proportions, concentrate whey protein enriched with Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine and Taurine with complete profile of BCCA’s in order to strength the anabolic effect. MSN MUSCLE MATRIX is the perfect addition to the diet of any hard training athlete. MSN MUSCLE MATRIX contains a highly advanced vitamin and mineral pre-mix, provoding all the benefits of a nutritionally-balanced meal, with the great taste.

Who would use MSN MUSCLE MATRIX ?
MSN MUSCLE MATRIX Nutrition can be used by any athlete interested in increasing muscle mass, whilst keeping body fat to a minimum. Due to the optimum levels of highly bio-available protein in MSN MUSCLE MATRIX, it serves as a fantastic pre-workout snack, or a post workout, amino and energy replenishment meal. Because of the purity of ingredients within MSN MUSCLE MATRIX, it can be used by those simply wishing to enhance the quality of their lives by eating a balanced, healthy diet, with structured nutrition.

Benefits of using MSN MUSCLE MATRIX :
The key of obtaining your your goals (wether it be weight gain or weight loss), is consuming numerous meals throughout the day. While it’s important to eat several meals comprised of whole foods (eggs, chicken, fruit, vegetables, and so on), it’s virtually impossible to eat all of them this way. if you’re a bodybuilder looking to gain muscle mass & size then this unique recovery product intended only for those who have the fight in them to push there bodies to the limits. Maximize your recovery time with an intense combination of creatiness & glutamines designed to help you to recover & build muscle.

MSN MUSCLE MATRIX plays an important part in the nutrition programs of bodybuilders. Because of the health benefits recently attributed to whey protein and its various sub fractions, these products may also be important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Take 1 service (3 level scoops) daily of MSN MUSCLE MATRIX with 350ml. cold water. For maximum muscle gain take 1-2 scoop in the morning & remaining scoop after your training session within half an hour.