Lose Weight

Muscle Sports Nutrition supplements feed directly into any weight loss programme at a number of key levels. The most basic of these are fat burners, mostly sold in pill form and often referred to as thermogenics because they stimulate an artificial form of thermogenic response of increased metabolism in the human body, the same response that would be experienced when exercising.

This increased body temperature results in greater ability to remove fat stores. These fat burners operate through ingestion of natural occurring hormonal, stimulant or enzymatic substances. The precise interaction of several independently active substances chosen by Muscle Sports Nutrition allows for the overall impact of these to increased exponentially, taking fat burning to a new level and to lose weight quickly shifts towards a guaranteed outcome.

If this were not enough, Muscle Sports Nutrition fat burner ingredients have the added bonus of being natural appetite suppressants, meaning that while the levels calorific expenditure goes up, the urge to replenish these calories is also reduced.
For weight loss there are 2 key things to remember:

1. you need to burn more energy (calories) than you eat. This creates a deficit and the body is forced to get what it needs from stored energy sources.
2. At rest your body burns approximately 60% fat. The point of this is that the greater your metabolism at rest, the more fat is burned.