Energy & Recovery

Energy and recovery are interlinked. You can't fully recover without the necessary energy requirement of the body being met and you can't have optimal levels of energy required to enhance muscle function without being fully recovered. This Catch 22 process is cyclical and, yet despite seeming almost unfathomably complex, can be maintained with relative ease through the benefits of Muscle Sports Nutrition Supplements.

There is a huge need for precision in regulating what your body and mind does as part of training regime and subsequently what it requires from your diet and supplementation. Training beyond normal capacity can only be beneficial when the body is allowed to repair and adapt. This is done through rest and replenishing all of the stores within the body that have been depleted during training.

Overtraining is often defined as the direct result of doing too much exercise, too frequently. In reality, however, it is far more accurate to describe overtraining as not allowing the body to recover adequately before subsequent activity. Done in repeated succession this leads to an overtrained individual and the inability to progress or even maintain current levels of performance.

Muscle Sports Nutrition products are able to actively stimulate the body to peak state by delivering what the body needs. This perfect combination of macro and micro-nutrient supplements maximise return to enhanced levels of energy and recovery is exponentially accelerated.

The quality of these supplements and the tried and tested formulation of energy replacement mean that you will be able to push your body further by asking more of it and yet avoid the debilitating impact of overtraining.